A1 Security featured on Go-Grantham website
11th March 2016

Securing premises with networked technology

It is estimated that Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV systems, which can transmit quality images to anywhere in the world, now outsell analogue cameras and system.

A complete IP security solution that combines video management, access control, video analytics, intrusion alerts and other systems and devices onto a single networked platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through a web browser is the way forward. The automatically interrelated data from these network devices is reported in real time, providing a comprehensive view of security operations to ensure the appropriate actions are immediately taken. This technology has come a long way since the days of analogue and the limitations this imposed on both system configuration and user implementation.

Freed from the constraints of traditional technology, a network-based system can be easily customised with a variety of devices from different manufacturers and expanded or up-graded either system-wide or on a door-by-door basis. There are IP access control products suitable for installations of all sizes while the versatile technological mix of the most up-to-date and robust components, with no need for hardwiring, can provide a very cost-effective, value added solution.

IP systems also facilitate installations that are flexible and scalable with the ability for growth, changes and additions, ensuring maximum security and delivering future-proof investments.


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