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CCTV Service, Repair & Maintenance

A1 Security can carry out servicing of your CCTV system annually as part of a maintenance contract or as a one-off service visit. Our fully trained engineers will prepare a report detailing their findings along with any suggestions to improve system performance.

As part of our Maintenance Contract if your CCTV System develops a fault, an engineer’s visit will be arranged as soon as possible and, on most occasions, the same day. If you are under a Maintenance Contract the cost of a call-out is charged at a lower rate than if you were a non-contract customer.

Why do I need my CCTV System serviced?

Regular CCTV servicing is important because it helps maintain the performance and reliability of the system. It also costs less to have regular servicing than pay out for breakdown repairs.

What is checked during a service?

  • The picture quality of each camera and monitor.
  • Look for signs of condensation on housing windows.
  • Check all controllable functions for each station e.g. pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, speed, auto-pan, wiper, pre-sets etc.
  • Operation of recorder (s) i.e. record and replay
  • Retention time of recorded images meets the As-fitted document (record the retention time)
  • Operation of special equipment such as video multiplexers, date and time generators
  • Any interfaces with alarms e.g. movement alarms, fences etc.
  • Indications function correctly.
  • Check camera movement and field of view is free from obstruction, trees etc.
  • All warning labels are in place (e.g. movement, voltage, laser emissions etc.)
  • Check that external, flexible cables are properly supported and undamaged.
  • Examine all metalwork especially towers and brackets, for signs of corrosion and damage.
  • Check glands and seals on external equipment.
  • Check all external and internal flexible wiring for signs of wear and fraying.
  • Check all fixed and flexible conduit for signs of damage
  • Check all the function and wear of wiper blades and washers
  • Check the function of heaters.
  • Check the function of supplementary lighting, including IR and photocells.
  • Check the integrity of all supports including cables.

How much does Maintenance cost?

We maintain a wide variety of security camera systems for both homes and businesses. Our CCTV repair and maintenance costs can be seen below.


  • Prices start from £55.00 + VAT
If you already have a maintenance contract in place for you intruder alarm system, we can offer a discounted rate on the above prices.

Call-Out Rate

During the hours of 8.30am-5.00pm our standard call-out rate is charged at £65.00 + VAT (this covers the first 30 minutes on site).