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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms play an important role in any commercial building and are often compulsory in business premises where the general public have access.

A1 Security can design, supply and install the latest fire alarm system to meet your needs, and maintain/update your existing system - even if we did not install it originally. A general system will comprise of a main control panel, ‘break glass call points’ next to fire exits, smoke or heat detectors in critical areas, and sounders that alert staff/occupants of a fire alarm activation.

Systems can either be a Conventional or Addressable type; wireless system can also be fitted if required. Fire Alarms are categorised into different levels depending on your business or commercial premises type - CATEGORY M, CATEGORY P and CATEGORY L - see below for more information.
  • Fire alarms pro kits

  • Smoke detectors

  • Call points

  • Fire alarm strobes

  • Fire alarm sounders

CATEGORY M: Manually Operated System

M System designed to be operated manually (no Automatic Fire Detection) this would consist of audibility throughout the building to a specified audibility level, with manual call points at every door which opens to fresh air and at every change of level, also areas that meet with a minimum travel distance to a fire alarm call point.

This is a basic level system and commonly fitted to small offices or low risk buildings

CATEGORY P: Property Protection Fire Systems

Designated to protect property and is normally requested by insurers.
P1 Automatic Fire Detection installed throughout all areas including void areas.
P2 Automatic Fire Detection installed only in defined areas designed to satisfy a specific fire risk objective

CATEGORY L: Life Protection Fire Systems

Designated as Life Protection Fire Systems, L Automatic Fire Detection is designed to primarily protect human life. This category system is commonly installed in Hotels or places where people sleep on the premises and larger office building or commercial building with high occupancy.

L4 is category M Plus Automatic Fire Detection installed in escape routes comprising circulation areas and space such as corridors and stairways

L3 is category M Plus Automatic Fire Detection installed in escape routes and rooms opening into these routes including voids

L2 Automatic Fire Detection installed in defined areas of higher risk of ignition, in addition to L3 including voids

L1: Category M Plus Automatic Fire Detection installed throughout all areas including voids.

Do you have commercial premises requiring a fire alarm?

Call us now on 01476 57 97 97 to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free no obligation survey followed up with a full quotation for supply and installation at a time to suit you.