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CCTV Monitoring

Using ‘state of the art’ Analytic monitoring software designed and developed by A1 Security, monitoring your camera system is the ultimate addition in protecting your premises.

Our unique Analytic monitoring software can monitor your cameras in several ways, including a revolutionary highly accurate 'by pixel' change or by a person crossing a 'virtual zone' - be it a line or boxed area you create on the screen.

When the system detects an intruder, the software provides an audible and visual notification for the operator in our monitoring centre. High powered sirens and strobes are also activated on your site to warn/deter any intruders that they are now being monitored. Should they fail to leave site the Police would then be notified.

Unlike other basic systems ours does not rely on old fashioned and inefficient external movement detectors. It streams your cameras live feed directly to our dedicated monitoring centre the entire time.

The software can be linked into almost any CCTV system, even if we did not install it originally.

Prices for monitoring are available after application
  • CCTV monitoring 3

    The control station can now instigate sirens, strobes or contact the authorities

Key Features:

  • State of the art technology
  • Pixel level sensing of movement
  • Virtual borders / areas can be defined on screen
  • Camera feed streamed live to our monitoring centre

Looking to add latest technology monitoring to your CCTV system?

Call us now on 01476 57 97 97 to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free no obligation survey followed up with a full quotation for supply and installation at a time to suit you.