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CCTV for business

Whether you have a shop, commercial offices, manage a school or industrial premises, A1 Security can provide your business with the latest in CCTV technology.

Our systems range from a simple 4 camera system up to 64, or even 128 cameras, and can be either 'fixed cameras' or fully functional 'PTZ type' cameras. As standard we now fit full HD IP cameras, which gives the added benefit that they can be installed over Wi-Fi links of up to 4 miles, making them ideal for remote sites.

We can install towers of 4-8 meters in height that can accommodate 4 to 6 cameras, which is ideal for protecting larger areas and can even focus in to read vehicle number plates. Fully digital, networked HD recorders provide high quality recorded images and are stored for a minimum of 7 days, however this can be increased depending on your requirements.

Infra Red LEDs are integrated in the body of our cameras to provide clear low light and night time images, and additional stand alone IR lamps can be fitted to illuminate larger areas if required. Remote access to your system is easily obtained via APPs on your mobile phone or tablet. We also offer a full monitoring service if required.
  • CCTV monitoring on your mobile

  • 32 channel DVR

  • 16 channel DVR

  • Bullet cameras

  • HD camera

  • HD dome cameras

  • HD PTZ cameras

Key Features:

  • High Definition cameras are now fitted as standard
  • 4 to 128 camera systems available
  • Higher quality images recorded and viewable to assist in criminal identification and convictions
  • All images stored on a Network Video Recorder Approximately 7 days looping recording (can be increased if required)
  • Remote access your CCTV cameras available to view on your mobile, tablet or computer All cameras are 2.0 Mega Pixel, 1080P with integrated IR LEDs for clear images in either day or night time

Looking to add CCTV to your commercial premises?

Call us now on 01476 57 97 97 to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free no obligation survey followed up with a full quotation for supply and installation at a time to suit you.